5 Second Film

Watch this video! Its only 5 seconds of your life wasted! 😀


Well, now that I have sparked your interest, please watch this video of my dog, Puchi and the extent of her tricks! She knows how to sit, lay down, spin, bark on command, high five, and pray for her food! I did not capture ALL of the listed tricks, but I did include some, such as her cute bark!

I feel like because she doesn’t know so many tricks, this 5-second video helps to sadly resemble how little she knows! LOL! I hope you enjoy the extent of Puchi’s tricks! HAHAHA!

One Reply to “5 Second Film”

  1. Adorable!! My sister has a dog that looks a little bit like Puchi. I want to see all the tricks you listed- I bet pray for food looks cute. Our dogs don’t know any tricks. We taught our Doodle to sit, and our schnauzers know when there’s no more people food if we dust our hands and say, “all gone.” And that’s pretty much all we taught them, lol.

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