911, What’s Your Emergency?


My dog is a LITERAL fire hazard! Puchi, my Chihuahua has this insane habit of moving her beds around the apartment, in very inconvenient places. And for some odd reason whenever my roommate Tala goes to sleep, Puchi moves her bed RIGHT IN FRONT OF TALA’S DOOR! After this bed moving discovery, my other roommate Stella decided to nickname my dog, Puchi The Fire Hazard.

This phenomenon sparked my idea for the 911 Emergency Call Assignment! I voiced the caller, Stella voiced the voice cracking 911 call taker, and I even included Puchi (who voices herself).

In my imagination, this is what a 911 call to the police would be like if my dog was the emergency. Without further ado, enjoy my 911 emergency call! 🙂

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