A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

This wonderful picture of me was taken in September of last year. I am now having second thoughts about exposing an embarrassing picture of myself to you but it’s all good! The story behind this picture is hopefully hilarious and a bit nostalgic to you.

First off, have you seen The Emperor’s New Groove? If not, I’m disappointed. IT’S A CLASSIC! You should stop reading this RIGHT NOW, log into Netflix and watch it! Then come back to this page and finish reading this story!

HAHAHA! Nah it’s chill if you haven’t seen it. The story just won’t make as much sense. But anywho! So the Emperor’s New Groove! Do you remember Kronk?! He was Yzma’s assistant. Voiced by Patrick Warburton. I love Kronk!!!!!

Anyways do you remember the one scene where Kronk is trying to dispose of Kuzco? Kronk was jumping down the stairs (doing his own theme music), Kuzco was in the red bag, then some people passed by and Kronk froze up against a wall and said”Ba-da ba-da ba-da ba. Ba-da-ba.” This scene!

I attempted to recreate this scene here at the University of Mary Washington, and instead of a bag I had a blue cupcake in my hand for my roommate.

Hopefully, you can hear me saying “Ba-da ba-da ba-da ba. Ba-da-ba” in my picture. I’m obviously not as good as Kronk when it comes to being sneaky and singing my own theme music.

Hopefully, you’re thinking back to good times, when you were a youngin. Watching The Emperor’s New Groove, laughing at how big, dumb, and tone-deaf Kronk was!

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