Assignment Redo

This is a redo of the Larger Than Life assignment as well as, A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words assignment! Enjoy!

Larger Than Life 2.0

My roommate’s dog is HUGE! He roams the 5th-floor hallway of Eagle Landing, scaring all who pass by!

HAHAHA! JK! This lil beagle is actually two feet tall! He was just positioned to look larger than life itself! My roommate Stella, helped me with the perspective effect in this picture to make the dog look like it was larger than her! He is actually a sweetie pie! 🙂

I wanted to redo this assignment to focus more on the perspective effect, to make this object to actually look larger than life! My first attempt for this assignment was a bit rushed (my original is down below), so I thought I would try again! I feel that my new submission was a much better representation of this assignment!

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words 2.0


This here is my 5-year-old cousin, Nora. I was visiting her and her family this past summer in Florida. The context of this picture was simply her asking me if I wanted to see her jump really high. When she asked me, I thought she meant how high she could jump off the GROUND. NOPE. She climbed up, onto the HIGH, queen-sized bed and jumped off, landing with the loudest bang you have ever heard!

This is one of my absolute favorite pictures! Each time I look at it, I am reminded of one of my favorite little cousins. I remember the craziness she had flowing in her veins! And every time I look at this picture I laugh because it just literally looks like she is being possessed by a demon, and trying to attack someone!

I chose to redo this assignment not because I did a bad job on the first picture, but simply because I wanted the opportunity to share the image of my demon-possessed looking cousin jumping off a bed! 🙂 I hope you got a laugh out of this picture, and my first picture I used for this assignment (you can see the original post for this assignment down below).

4 Replies to “Assignment Redo”

  1. I love these re-do’s! The perspective you achieved with the beagle is crazy. I almost thought it was a real dog shot at that angle; you bamboozled me.
    The second re-do is really interesting too- I like the motion blur, it made me want to read the story. (I like the first story too- um, yes, I have seen Emperor’s New Groove and it’s a great movie, lol)

  2. The perspective work in that first picture is great. I take it that the picture was posed rather than photshopped. It has an Incredible Shrinking Person vibe.

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