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If you’re a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender, then I think you will love this t-shirt I designed!

My favorite childhood show growing up was Avatar: The Last Airbender! About a month ago I was in Target, and I saw the complete series of Avatar was on DVD! So I did what any other college student would do… I PURCHASED THE ENTIRE SERIES OF AVATAR: THE LAST AIR BENDER!!!! BEST PURCHASE OF MY ENTIRE LIFEEEE!!! 😀

My favorite character would have to be Aang, because his personality is extremely identical to my personality! Not to mention we both sneeze and fly high up in the air! My favorite villain from the show is an assassin originally named SPARKY SPARKY BOOM MAN (his name was changed later on in the series to Combustion Man). Sparky sparky boom man had special powers to blow things up with his mind (or his third eye), and he was hired by Prince Zuko to eliminate the Avatar.

I just had to create this shirt of sparky sparky boom man! He looks so funny yet so angry and serious! I can never take him seriously! He lowkey reminds me of my Dad who I used to watch the show with as a kid! I would love to walk down the street and see a random person wearing this shirt! And we could have a great conversation about how amazing Avatar: The Last Airbender is!

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