May I Take Your Order?

First off, I am very embarrassed that you get to hear my HORRENDOUS English accent. But in all honesty, I had a full-on blast with this audio assignment!

The object of this assignment was to record yourself ordering a meal, not on the menu of McDonald’s with an accent of some kind. And I loved this creative idea of a recording so I went all out!

The recording is of a conversion between a cranky McDonalds employee and a British customer. My roommate Stella helped me with this assignment by playing the employee and I recorded myself using a disgusting British accent.

If you listened to the recording you’re probably wondering what McDLT is. The McDLT was introduced in 1984 and stands for a McDonald’s Lettuce and Tomato. I had no idea that McDonalds made their own version of a BLT. But hopefully, you enjoyed that little 80s reference. As well as the ice cube nonsense!

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