Optical Illusion


The Washington Monument is being held up by a boy!

I caught your attention, didn’t I?! HAHAHA! Just kidding though! It’s an optical illusion! The dude in the picture is of one of my best friends, Nathan.

We went on a Washington D.C. exploration day back in June of 2018. We took the metro and explored all around the city! We even went to the spy shop and bought trick gum. The kind that shocks you when you try to grab a piece!

After hours of exploring D.C., we finally made it to the Monument! The big pencil itself! And I told Nathan I wanted to get a picture of him holding it up. So he decided to be extra creative and held up the 100,000-ton monument with his feet! And there you have it! An 18-year-old teenager, holding up the mighty Washington Monument with only his legs!!!

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