Puchi The Little Black Sausage

Hello, world! I would like to introduce you to my dodge, Puchi!

Puchi is 12 years old, and she is a Chihuahua mutt mix. Yes, I know what EVERYONE is probably thinking. Why does your dodge look like a little black sausage? I honestly do NOT know! Since I don’t know her other half to her breed, I believe that type of dodge had a sausage looking body and genetically speaking, so would Puchi.

Puchi has been apart of my life for about 10 years now and I honestly can’t remember how I lived without her. She is super lazy, silly, weird, and she is even afraid of her own farts. Yes. I said that correctly. My dodge will fart in her sleep, and jump out of her bed in complete terror. She will also move her beds to different places in the dorm so I can almost NEVER find her.

This is my second semester having her live with me on campus as a registered Emotional Support Animal. Honestly, she doesn’t really notice when I’m in need of emotional support. But when I need her she is very patient, calm, gentle, and is always there to cheer me up. All I have to do is look at her face!

This picture was taken on September 2nd, 2017. On this day, my sisters and I wanted to take professional pictures by a friend. And so, my sisters, Puchi, and I all took lovely pictures in the wilderness.

This picture is one of my favorites because, well for starters Puchi and I both look super cute! But the main reason is that when Puchi is annoying, disrespectful, or forgetful that she is supposed to use the bathroom outside, I can easily look at this picture and remember my cute, wonderful, silly, dodge who makes me smile, and laugh so hard by running around my dorm farting up a storm!

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