Sound Effects Story

This is a story I created by using sound effects. That’s right, NO WORDS!

I encourage you to listen to the SoundCloud post below, and try to figure out the story with your own imagination, before I tell you the actual story! 😉

This is a story about a simple lumberjack who lives in a small house in the forest. He had started chopping down a tree a while ago, and he needed to finish his job. The sound effects story begins with his clock going off, alerting him to get to work. So, he gets up and walks to the kitchen. He opens up his cupboard to grab a cup of water. He pours the water and immediately begins gulping down the refreshment (in a gross manner). He’s all ready to go now! He walks to the front door, and as he’s opening his door he starts to hear nature calling out to him. He hears the birds very faintly as he closes the door and approaches his garden gate. He hears the birds singing to him, and the grass crunch as he walks through the forest, looking for his unfinished work. He finds the one tree he started to cut down and resumes his chopping. He swings his ax, with each chop entering further and further into the trunk of the tree. The tree gradually falls to the ground, and the story ends with the birds quietly singing. 🙂

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