Superhuman in Everyday Life

“Is he asleep?” “Nah nah…”

“Pretty sure he’s dead.”

One of my favorite superheroes is Thor, from the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Thor was the first Marvel movie I ever saw. I specifically loved Chris Hemsworth’s role as fat Thor in Avengers: Endgame! I could not stop laughing! So I decided to photoshop (with the help of my roommate Stella), chubby Thor in an appropriate setting in today’s society!

Today, I can imagine Thor wanting to do his heroic duty by watching over the civilians of Earth. However, chubby Thor seems a bit more on the lazy/relaxed side of things.

Therefore, I think he would like to watch over the humans of the Earth in the comfort of a coffee shop. Where he could relax, have some delicious coffee and honestly sleep because cafes are pretty relaxing! And there he is! Doing his heroic duty! Chillin on the couch in a coffee shop, waiting for danger to present itself! Or honestly, he’s probably sleeping! Who can tell with those cool shades?

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