The Boone Gorges Parent-Child Headswap

This horrifying image is of me and my Mom on a family trip, to Virginia Beach back in October of 2007. I am 31 in this picture and my mother is 7 years old! As you can see I have been practicing my modeling skills for this picture, then there’s my mom looking like a little child.

This vacation was one of the best trips my family and I took to the beach! I remember digging trenches in the sand, running from the waves screaming because the water was freezing cold, and I remember chasing and squawking at the seagulls. One of the best beach days ever!

I chose this picture to swap heads because I was told as a child that I look more similar to my mom then my dad. Therefore, I wanted to test that theory! AND IT’S TRUE! I don’t know why, but our faces actually swap pretty well! It’s WHACK! I guess I am destined to grow into my mom’s beautiful looks!

Scroll down for the actual cute picture of me and my mommy!


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