To My Mom

Hi mommy, sorry to expose you like this! I just had to share your beautifulness with my blog!

I am writing this letter to you for a multitude of reasons. Some happy, encouraging reasons and some deep sad ones too. But regardless, I hope you enjoy this message!

Mommy, I just want to start off by giving you some PRAISE! You are a tough mama bear. I don’t understand how you do the whole “Mom” thing so well. You give and give and GIVE all your time, love, energy, and effort into EVERYTHING you do! You have a full-time job, you have three kids (granted two are technically in college, but they still are your children!), you go to church, you get your time with all your lady friends, you’re working on preserving a friendship with Dad, and the hardest of all these tasks… YOU’RE A MOM! YOU ARE 100% MAMA GOALS!!!!!

You’re the mom that every other mom strives to be. The way you raised your kids, all the other moms envy that! Your beautiful YOU, EVERYONE WANTS THAT! The way you raised me, Emy, and Bianca, was perfect. You have helped me grow into the person I am today, and are an amazing role model for who I strive to be like! I wish that I can someday surmount to at least 5% of the great mom you turned out to be!

Now that I think about it, you are the person who I confide all my secrets in. Ya know how you are supposed to have that best friend growing up, and you tell them EVERYTHING? THAT PERSON WAS YOU! I asked you all my dumb questions, looked to you when I needed advice, ran to you when I was scared, when I had a bad day, shared all my deepest feelings with you, and you were there for me through it all. And you still are today! I thank you so very much for all that and more, mom. Thank you for everything that you have done, are doing, will do, just ALL OF IT. I can’t say thank you enough. Thank you for dealing with me for all these years, for giving me what you could, for raising me in such a caring and loving way, for being patient with me, for helping me even when you had stuff you needed help with.

Great, now I am crying! HAHAHA! One of my biggest fears is how I know I will never even come close to all the greatness you have achieved. I want to be something you are proud of. I want to try to help you if I can. I just want to be something great in your eyes. And I fear that I won’t. Honestly, I think its because you can be so intimidating at times. You are A LOT to live up to mama! (I mean that in an encouraging way mommy!)

I know you have doubts as a mom and about the choices you have made. But I’m want to remind you:

You did and you’re doing everything right. PERIOD.

Let me say it one more time! You are doing EVERYTHING right. All the choices you have made are the right ones. All the choices you will make in the future will be the right ones. Even if I might not be able to see they’re right, THEY’RE MOST DEFINITELY RIGHT.

So keep it up mama! You’re an amazing person that I am so grateful God chose you to be my mom. Mine! I love you so sosososososo very much. And even if we grow apart at times, I still and always will love you! No matter what! I am sending an electronic hug your way! Love ya Jenny from the Block! <3

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