Daily Create Story

This is a story I created using some of my daily creates from last week as well as, from this week!

My wonderful afternoon was ruined, by my mom barging into my room without knocking. “Mom! How many times have I asked you to please knock when you enter my room?” I exclaimed. “Sorry, mama! I was just checking to see if you had started your project that is due tomorrow!” she said. “OH. THAT…” I replied. “Stop watching that kids show, and get to work!” she said as she left my room. “AVATAR: The Last Airbender is not a kids show!!!!!” I yelled back.

“I might as well get started on my paper sometime…” I thought to myself as I started looking for the assignment instructions. Write a 5 paged paper on your views about getting older. You may discuss the positives and/or the negatives. “HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO WRITE FIVE PAGES IN ONE NIGHT?!” I thought to myself as I looked through the rest of the assignment. “What is even good about getting older?” I said to myself as I skimmed through the rubric. “I guess one good thing about getting older is that the older you get, the more wisdomous you become.”

I started my paper about wisdom, and I wrote a short paragraph explaining how I interpreted wisdom with age. “Maybe if I wait a little longer, the wisdom will hit me and help me finish up the rest of my paper! I thought to myself as I opened up Netflix, to watch a show that would allow me to increase my wisdom, The Office.


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