This photoblitz was very interesting and creative assignment! I had a fun time taking photos of all the whacky topics! Without further ado…


I began the photoblitz at 5:00pm.

These were the 7 creative photo ideas that I had to work with! Below are my interpretations of these ideas!

Make a photograph of a smile, either literal or symbolic.

I decided to focus on my close-up skills for this image. This is an extreme close up of my roommate Tala. And this is her beautiful smile! Look at those cute pink lips! I took this picture in the direct sunlight to capture all her beauty with the best light possible!

Make a photo dominated by your favorite color and share it!

My favorite color is blue if you can’t tell! For this picture I played with the lighting, to try to get all the blues in this image to pop! And I think they did if I don’t say so myself! 🙂

Animals take patience. Make a photo of an animal: pet, domesticated, or wild.

It took A WHOLE LOT of patience to get this picture of my squirmy dog! She kept wiggling and running on the chair. Tala had to distract her behind me to get her to be calm! Thankfully, Puchi sat still enough for me to snap a good shot!

Share a picture showing you doing a “pay it forward” good deed.

I wrote this encouraging note and put it on the door of the people who live across from my apartment! Hopefully, they pay the encouragement forward and pass it on to someone else!

Take a photo of something that makes you sick.

First off, Groot DOES NOT make me sick! I LOVE GROOT! I AM GROOT! HOWEVER, this Groot chia pet makes me sick and gives me trypophobia!! Specifically, the chica seeds! I have no idea why it freaks me out so much but it just makes me sick!!!

Here is a close up of the chia seeds that give me trypophobia. YIKES! My trypophobia is acting out right now! IT’S SO SCARY!!!!

Take a photo that includes a manufactured product and at least one of its elements.

I wanted to play with the depth and lighting for this image! Sprinkles are one of the many things that come from sugar so I positioned the sugar to be farther back in this picture while the sprinkles were positioned to be up close. It tells the story that this product was once sugar, and now it has become something better, SPRINKLES! Out with the old, and in with the new!

Make an artistic photo that includes one of your own toes!

This masterpiece depicts a voyage that my big toe took to the plant oasis! A mystical place with beautiful plants and warm sunlight!

I finished taking all the photos in 18 minutes. I completed the assignment at 5:18pm.

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