Radio Progress 2.0


AHHHHHH! I am sooo pleased with my group’s final product for our radio show! All of the members of 80’s Brain Cells You Forgot About, met up this past Wednesday, October 16th to record the bigger portions of our project. Our meet-up went very well! We were are very productive and most importantly, we got what we needed to get done, DONE!

We all pulled our own weight and finished everything! Not a single group member was slacking, and honestly, each member went above and beyond with their part for the project in their own way. For instance, Tala did a great job with coordinating, editing, and providing a general structure for the project, William added a creative flow to the opening and the ending of the show, Kuri had so much to say about the horror segment of the show, and Meghan had so much to say about the rom-com portion. I helped add as much knowledge to the horror segment as possible, I contributed with the editing process, and I helped keep the group on track, making sure we could all get together to finish things up! I was very fortunate to have such a great group of people to make this radio show possible! I’m looking forward to hearing what the rest of the class has to say about our awesome radio show!

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